Enhance your Salesforce data collection

Create and update Salesforce data effortlessly with customized forms through FORM Butler, while elevating your brand identity.

Enhance your Salesforce data Collection

Accelerate the process of collecting and updating your data

Generate your form, collect data from stakeholders, then sync the information effortessly, all without leaving Salesforce.

Personalize and Brand Your Forms for a Unique Touch

Personalize and brand your forms for a unique touch

Showcase your corporate image through customized forms that align with your brand guidelines and reflect your professional identity.

Enhance Accuracy With Direct Data Capture

Enhance accuracy with direct data capture

Minimize human error and improve data integrity by integrating custom forms with your Salesforce environment

Easlily Build Tailored Forms With Point and Click Configuration

Easily build tailored forms with point-and-click configuration

Simplify the form building process with intuitive point-and- click configuration. Easily add or edit elements to accommodate your workflow, then share forms securely by sending a dedicated link to stakeholders via email.

Optimize user experience with intuitive and integrated solutions

Elevate user experience by providing seamless digital interactions. Every step is designed to be intuitive, effective, well integrated, and user-friendly, ensuring a superior digital experience throughout.

Optimize User Experience With Intuitive and Integrated Solutions

Explore FORM Butler's Features

Speed & Efficiency

Simplify workflows and eliminate the hassles of paper-based processes by replacing expensive printing, filling, scanning, and sending of documents

Ease of Use and Set Up

Effortless configuration and user-friendly interface enables quick user adoption

Personalized branding

Reinforce your brand identity with custom form pages

Stay in sync

Keep your information up to date with real-time updates. By receiving data directly in SFDC, ensure that your records are synchronized and accurate at all times.

Seamless Salesforce Integration

Enjoy a digital and streamlined process that makes the roundtrip of information easy and simple for everyone involved.

Dynamic Pictures

Integrate static and dynamic images throughout your documents, including headers and footers.

Cloud Integration

Choose between multi-tenant or dedicated cloud options, providing scalable solutions with automatic upgrades for a seamless integration experience.

Robust Security

Rest easy with API-based connections that ensure constant authentication, encryption, and verification, keeping your data secure at all times.

GDPR Compliance

Protect user privacy with our strict no-data- logging policy, while benefiting from environments that adhere to GDPR regulations.

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