iDIN and SIGN Butler Integration

In today’s world, being able to interact online in a secure and seamless manner is crucial. To meet this demand, Dutch banks have launched an initiative called iDIN, which is aimed at improving the landscape of online identification and verification. SIGN Butler is a solution tailored specifically for Salesforce users, and highly complements iDIN’s efforts. By integrating both solutions, we are making significant strides towards transforming the digital experience in the Netherlands. 

Understanding iDIN

iDIN is an online service that has been developed collaboratively by several banks. With iDIN, you can easily, safely, and reliably identify yourself, log in, sign, and confirm your age online. Once your identification is approved, you will be redirected back to the website portal, and your company will receive all necessary data. iDIN is a highly efficient tool for online identification that prioritizes ease of use, ROI, and strict security and privacy requirements set forth by regulatory bodies. For example, you can use iDIN to enable signers to identify themselves when accepting your contracts or terms and conditions online. 

SIGN Butler for Salesforce Users  

Trusted by companies like Saint-Gobain, SIGN Butler seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, offering a reliable and trusted digital signature solution. It is distributed through the Salesforce AppExchange by CloudCrossing BV. The software ensures GDPR compliance and ISO certification, keeping data security a top priority. SIGN Butler is also available for non-Salesforce users.  

iDIN and SIGN Butler can be combined to create a unified experience. This facilitates a smooth process for users to identify themselves, log in, and sign documents within the Salesforce platform. 

Advantages of iDIN and SIGN Butler Integration 

  • Netherlands’ top identification standard: Ensures secure transactions in adherence with Dutch standards. 
  • User-friendly experience: Simplifies the signing process for all users. 
  • Increased security with bank support: Endorsed by major Dutch banks, ensuring signer identification and robust security. 
  • Data security: Ensures data safety within the trusted Salesforce environment. 

The integration of iDIN and SIGN Butler offers an efficient and secure solution for identification and signatures within Salesforce, tailored specifically for Dutch users. By leveraging the strengths of these platforms, businesses can stay at the forefront of digital innovation. 

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