ITV Accelerates Contract Generation with PDF Butler

About ITV

ITV is at the heart of popular culture, reaching 30 million viewers every week of the year in the UK. 

Off-screen Salesforce Administrator Janos Laskai and his team ensure seamless online operations for over 300 users across various Salesforce organizations. His expertise in documentation, automation, and integrations is essential to ITV’s commercial success, generating personalized contracts and airtime agreements.

Finding the Right Doc Gen Solution

ITV needed a powerful contract generation tool, capable of handling conditional formatting and complex commercial use cases.

After careful evaluation, ITV selected PDF Butler. They were drawn to PDF Butler’s robust features, straightforward pricing structure, and the team’s extraordinary responsiveness and support. “PDF Butler offered the best features and the best fit for our organization,” Janos confirmed.

Implementation & Support

PDF Butler integrated effortlessly with ITV’s Salesforce environment. The support team’s proactive guidance made the transition a breeze. Janos is particularly pleased with the team’s fast turnaround on support requests and new features, often rolled out within weeks. 

He explains, “It was a wise move to choose PDF Butler, because whenever I reached out to the team, I was pleasantly surprised to see enhancements implemented within just weeks. PDF Butler showed exceptional responsiveness.”

PDF Butler’s Impact

The platform’s conditional formatting has transformed document generation for their airtime contracts. As they look to expand PDF Butler to new areas of their business, the team is confident it will continue to deliver exceptional results.

The Right Choice for ITV

PDF Butler has been instrumental in streamlining ITV’s airtime contract generation. This case study reinforces the platform’s power to meet complex business needs while its team demonstrates a deep commitment to customer success.

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